Brix Partners coaches successful business owners and CEOs on their most critical financial goals. Our distinct five-step wealth management plan, and series of unique processes and dialogues, enable us to become their “personal CFOs”. We provide comprehensive financial planning across these disciplines:

  • Wealth Enhancement
  • Wealth Protection
  • Business Transition and Exit Planning
  • Proactive Tax Mitigation
  • Legacy Building
  • Philanthropic Planning

Some Of Our Unique Processes Include

  • CLARIFY: Vision Maximizer

    Clarify and expand personal, financial and business goals while identifying potential opportunities and challenges.

  • SIMPLIFY: Operation Organize

    Turn “analysis paralysis” into a simple roadmap to achieve goals.

  • REALIZE: Transition Toolbox

    Enjoy the results of your dedication to long-term goals by building, realizing, and implementing your intended exit, sale or transition strategy.

  • EMPOWER: Legacy Builder

    Successfully pass on financial assets, core family values, belief systems and memories to the next generation, philanthropies and the world.


Brix Partners understands the concerns and challenges business owners face. Your business exit strategy isn’t just a financial journey—it’s an emotional one. Our family can guide and walk with yours to your desired goals.

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