Our Solutions

We work in concert with our clients’ other professional advisors to offer custom solutions and ensure that all aspects of their financial needs are addressed. Our clients’ advisors  have unwavering confidence in our planning process approach, as well as our reputation for intensive ongoing administrative follow-up and review.

Personal Insurance Planning

We provide customized, sophisticated insurance strategies for high net worth individuals and their families. Our specialized focus, the breadth of our marketplace and our strategic alliances with insurance general agents and providers enables us to channel our resources and provide experienced insight and guidance. Our capabilities are utilized to deliver the most cost-effective strategies for:


Audit Services (Insurance, Annuities & Investment Portfolios)

Many of our professional partners and clients request an objective analysis of their insurance, investment or annuity contracts, in conjunction with strategic planning for their financial goals and objectives. We provide a fee-based, impartial and product-agnostic service to help clients and professionals hold advisors accountable.

For those clients with existing insurance or advisors who serve as trustees, we recommend an insurance policy review. We provide a thorough assessment of our clients’ insurance policies based on current premium funding level, as well as what would be required to sustain the coverage based on their current goals. In addition, we compare your current coverage with alternatives in the marketplace to offer more cost-effective options. This review process provides peace of mind to our clients and their advisors, as we bring clarity and insight to an often-overlooked asset class.

Underwriting Advocacy

Intelligent and aggressive underwriting is the single most important factor in dictating the cost of insurance, yet very few insurance professionals truly understand the intricacies of the underwriting process. At Brix Partners, we go far beyond simply submitting paperwork to carriers. We leverage our high volume, professional relationships with senior underwriters to promote the insured’s best interest and obtain the most competitive rating possible from insurance carriers. Our high level of experience, combined with years of building unparalleled relationships with the most senior underwriters at the insurance firms we work with allows us to be a valuable partner in servicing our clients’ needs.

Business Transition & Exit Planning

As the company is built the right way, we analyze and stress-test each possible exit or transition option, while accounting for all contingencies. This analysis serves as a critical reference point as to when, how and to whom the company should be finally transitioned. By identifying the necessary exit number for the business owner (sales value that allows successful realization of retirement and legacy goals), we work to engineer the appropriate exit design and coordinate all necessary partners throughout the process.

Legacy Building & Philanthropic Planning

Our clients spend their lifetime building their wealth, which becomes an extension of their identity. Our wealth management solutions guide clients through transitioning that wealth into an impact—family, philanthropy or the world at large. Philanthropic intent and proactive tax management often go hand in hand.

Wealth Protection & Estate Planning

Our highly successful clients require asset protection in addition to legacy and income tax planning. Asset protection services can include but are not limited to: counseling your clients along with your legal team on the utility of asset protection strategies, implementing proper risk management plans and working with the critical professionals to implement. We design custom fit asset protection strategies to ensure the life’s work of a client is not unjustly taken from them.

Wealth Enhancement

Effective wealth enhancement strategies involve clear goal setting, developing a long-term financial plan, and consistently taking incremental actions towards attaining these goals. With holistic financial planning as our base, we will guide you through finding where the opportunities for asset growth exist.

Tax Mitigation

While making money is good, saving on taxes can be just as effective in growth your asset base. Our professionals’ thorough understanding of tax law will help guide you through the tax-mitigating strategies that work for you. Taking advantage of tax deductions, credits, and exemptions, as well as using tax-deferred investment vehicles are just a few of the measures to be considered.

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