Our Approach

Transforming the Financial Planning Experience.

At Brix Partners, our strength is strategic and comprehensive financial planning, with an emphasis on tax efficiency and a laser focus on ensuring action and progress. We’ve partnered with the most prominent thought leaders in the investment and asset management worlds to provide those services when needed.

The alpha or “value” we provide our clients—deep and analytic financial planning—is not a one time process, but a lifelong dialogue. Using a family’s or business owners’ most critical objectives as a guide, we benchmark and stress-test all decisions to ensure we remain focused with an established roadmap. As the relationship manager, we coordinate the necessary thought leaders and professionals to curate custom-fit solutions.

Our Unique Phased Approach

Our proven process consists of 4 unique phases—clarify & simplify, protect & grow, realize and empower.  We will walk with you from envisioning your goals and creating a personalized roadmap to achieve them, to fully realizing your objectives and successfully building on your legacy.

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