Career Transitions

A career transition, whether voluntary or not, is filled with financial decisions that can be confusing, time-consuming and fraught with misinformation. Brix Partners’ special arrangement with Barnum Financial Group allows us to assist the individuals covered under their employer’s group life insurance program with obtaining the information they need to make timely and knowledgeable decisions. Our team of financial professionals have the expertise and resources necessary to help guide those going through a job transition or entering retirement.

We specialize in working with families and individuals who are going through a financial transition and are seeking guidance. The areas below highlight how we can make an impact if you are no longer with your employer.

Benefit Transitions

If you are transitioning from a job, do you have a plan in place to continue the benefits you had through your former employer?

Transitional Financial Planning

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions. Our team of Financial Planners will develop a roadmap to set you up for financial success.

Retirement Planning

Are you on track for retirement? We review your retirement goals to gauge how much you need for retirement and when you want to retire. We then develop a plan that is strategic and achievable.

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