The decision to step away from your business and into retirement is not an easy one, especially after dedicating years of hard work to the growth and success of your business. The act of transitioning your enterprise, whether you plan to sell or pass your business on to your children, requires diving into the details of each possibility and moving forward with the path that will produce the most desirable outcome.

The purpose of this assessment is to provide insight as to what a well-developed exit strategy consists of and give you feedback as to how your current strategy measures up.  Do you think you are ready to sell your business and leave a legacy?  Do you need a little more careful planning and a solid groundwork?  Do you need the right roadmap and help from a professional?  Our role is to help guide you through the process—whether you are one, five or ten years away from transitioning your business to new ownership.

You must ask yourself the tough questions, including whether you’ve been putting off hard decisions. You must acknowledge that outsourcing the task of designing an exit strategy may be in you and your company’s best interest. You must also ponder the lasting impact you would like your enterprise to make. The ultimate goal is an exit strategy that leaves the legacy of your business intact and guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable retirement once you do step away.

Along with your results, you’ll receive exclusive tips based on a new book I’m writing, Getting Out Gracefully, a comprehensive transition guide for business owners approaching retirement.

Are You Fully Prepared To Sell Your Business?

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